The Website Chef by studio98

WordPress made

What does cooking have to do with websites? Well, I guess we could say everything? 

The Website Chef is a step by step guide to learning the basics of WordPress. Simple to understand and well organized articles, with screenshots and videos. All with a little bit of, shall we say… spice to help relate simple WordPress basics to a non technical subject that we can all relate to, cooking. 

WordPress is one of the most commonly used website platforms focusing on a relatively user friendly experience, including many features that allow you to add to or edit your website without needing to graduate with a degree in programming.

But, as even microwavable meals come with a set of instructions, so we’ve laid out a series of articles that will help you learn the basics of your WordPress website.  

Is This Getting Complicated?

If trying to learn how to manage your own website is getting time consuming or complicated, Studio98 offers a website support service. A development team to  help you make edits, updates or changes to your website. Our support plan is perfect for business owners or marketing teams, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business while we help manage your website. To get more information about our support plan call (727) 265-1830

Why Does The Kitchen Have Brown Shag Carpet?

It’s understandable. If your kitchen was designed in the 1970s, building a new kitchen is going to be easier than trying to think of a good reason as to why your kitchen’s floor has shag carpet. 

Just like kitchen designs, every year technology gets better and better. A phone from a few years ago is “out of date” and so it could be with your websites.

Studio98 offers a website refresh service that can give your website a completely modern, sleek and tasteful look in a few days.  Contact us to get a free presentation. And don’t forget to mention “The Website Chef”. 

(727) 265 1830

Eating out is sometimes easier than cooking it yourself. 


No problem! Studio98 offers a support plan for WordPress websites where we not only host and keep your website up to date, we also help you make changes, updates or fixes every month. Contact us to find out about our support service.