A little bit of this, a little bit of that and there you are. And that’s cooking. It’s inching your way to that perfect taste. It’s perfecting your recipes, trying again, and perfecting it again until you get it right. A successful Chef is always on top of his game and constantly working to perfect his techniques, update his recipes to reach that perfect dish.

And you’re most likely going to want to do the same thing with your website. Adding new projects you complete to showcase them, adding pages about new products, adding new blogs and blog categories to keep your visitors informed and interactive and so on. 

Not to mention, adding new pages and new content to your website works magic in improving your search engine results (also known as SEO).

And as you add content, be it pages, blogs, products and so on, it’s important to also update your website menu so that visitors can easily find and view that new content. 

While there are various places a website menu can show, for example at the top of the website, on the side of a page or at the bottom of the website, here we will go over how to update the main menu of the website (the one found at the top of the website). 

From the admin dashboard of your WordPress website, also called the backend, navigate to Appearance then click on Menus:


Next , ensure that you have the correct menu selected. This will determine which menu you are editing. The main – top – menu of your website is generally called the “main menu” or “primary menu” and sometimes but not often the “header menu”. Here you can see where to select the menu you are editing:

On the left side of the page, every page you have created will show up here with the page name:

To add a page from that list of pages, select the page by clicking the little box and then click the
Add to Menu” button:

After you do that, you will see the page you’ve added show up at the bottom of the menu list here:

At this point you can drag that new page you have added to any place you would like it to show up on the Menu. If you want that page to show up as a “drop down” (meaning, an additional menu that shows up when you hover over a specific menu item at the top of the website) drag that menu item slightly to the right so that it is indented under the main menu item, here is a video to help explain this: 

Once you are finished up, please make sure to click the “Save Menu” button to save the work you have just done.