In the kitchen, you have places where you keep things you use for cooking. The firdge is where you keep the meat, the cabinet is where you keep the salt, peper and the spices and herbs, the drawer is where you have the cooking utencils and so on. 

Your website is similar! There are places where the various parts of your website are stored. For example, all the pictures, images and videos and even PDFs are all stored in the “Media” of your website. 

When you are building a new webpage or editing one, you can select what picture or video to place on that webpage by going to the media and selecting that image. The website then places that image on that webpage (where ever you placed it). 

But the actual image is in the “Media”.

Any picture, image or video that you want to use on your website needs to be added to the Media first. 

Adding to your media is very simple. It can be done by file selecting or by drag and drop.

Here is a short video that shows you where to find the “Media” area of your website and how to add to it.