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Why Does The Kitchen Have Brown Shag Carpet?

It's understandable. If your kitchen was designed in the 1970s, building a new kitchen is going to be easier than trying to think of a good reason as to why your kitchen's floor has shag carpet. 

Just like kitchen designs, every year technology gets better and better. A phone from a few years ago is "out of date" and so it could be with your websites.

Studio98 offers a website refresh service that can give your website a completely modern, sleek and tasteful look in a few days.  Contact us to get a free presentation. And don't forget to mention "The Website Chef". 

(727) 265 1830

Eating out is sometimes easier than cooking it yourself. 


No problem! Studio98 offers a support plan for WordPress websites where we not only host and keep your website up to date, we also help you make changes, updates or fixes every month. Contact us to find out about our support service.