You have the ability to swap out existing photos you have within your website pages.

Below is an example of how to do this.

Once you are logged into the back end of the page you are wanting to edit, find the image you are wanting to replace.

Click on the image and you will see a settings icon to click on here:


Once you have clicked on that, you will see a pop up appear.

Click on the image here:


This will then open up your Media Library. You have the option to choose from existing images that you have previously used on your website. Or you can click on “Upload Files” which allows you to import a new image that is saved on your computer.

That button can be found here:


After you select the image form your computer, it will load into your Media Library. Once you see it show up, click on the “Upload an image” button in the bottom right of the page here:

The new image you have uploaded will now show up on your page.

Once you have finished up, makes sure to save your work by clicking the green check mark, as well as clicking on the 3 dots at the bottom of the page, which then displays the save button.