A good chef doesn’t let anyone and everyone into their kitchen, right!?

One of the primary ways to keep your WordPress website secure is having a secure password.

The password Studio98 gives you is usually a password that has been generated by the WordPress website and generally fairly complex, meaning it’s secure.

If you want to change your password, here is how to do it.

While you don’t need to come up with the most complicated password ever, keep in mind that having a complex password is very important in ensuring site security.


In your dashboard you will see an item called “users”. Click on users and click on all users. To edit any user account click however your mouse over the username and click edit. The video below helps to show you where to click to enter a user’s account:

To change the password scroll down and click on generate password. You will see a new automatically generated password. If you want to use that as your password, be sure to copy and paste it in a secure location as once you save it, it will no longer be visible. If you want to change it to a password of your choice, simply type your password in the password field (replacing the automatically generated password).

To save this, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the update profile button. If you do not save the changes you made, they will not be applied.

Here is short video clip that will take you through the whole process of changing the password to your WordPress website: