If you have “call to action buttons” on your website, basically a button which someone clicks on which takes them to a form or another page on your website. You can edit what those buttons say and where the buttons links to.

Go to the back end of the page that has the button which you would like to edit.
To edit text on a button or to change where the button link goes to, mouse over the button and click the Settings option here:

The text for the button will show and can be changed here:

If you need to change what page that button takes you to, click on the “Link” option and it
will display which link it’s currently going to.

To save the changes you have made, make sure to click the green check mark here:

After that you’re button text and link will be updated.

Also, if you are done with making all edits on your page, click the 3 dots at the bottom of the page and then click Save: