What is one of the first things you need to do when cooking a scrumcious dish at home? Open the fridge.

So it is with WordPress. Loging in to the admin dashboard of your website will give you access to making any additions, edits and changes to your website. The admin dashboard of WordPress is commonly called the “backend” of the website.

To log in simply type /wp-admin at the end of your website URL.

For example: www.studio98-test.flywheelsites.com/wp-admin

You will now see the login page, which generally looks like this:

Type in your user name and password and voila, you will have access to all the ingredients you need. 

The WordPress admin dashboard (aka backend) looks like this: 

Depending on the amount of features your website has, you may see more options.

To the left of the backend you will see all the items that help you locate where to edit certain aspects of your website.

For example, at the top you see items titles “posts”, “media”, “forms” and “pages”, etc. These help you navigate through the admin dashboard of your new website. To add, remove, schedule or manage your blogs you would click on posts.

To edit any of the website pages, such as editing a picture or changing or adding text, you would click on pages, and so on.

Here is a short few second clip that shows you how to login to WordPress.

Now that you’ve logged into your WordPress website, should you want to change/personalize your password here is a short article that teaches you how to do it.