You could ask us, what do cooking and editing website have in common? 

Normally, someone would say, “um… not much” and they would usually be correct. 

Or you could ask us what they have in common, and we most likely say… “everything!” 

The website chef is step by step guide to helping you learn how to manage, edit, add to or change your WordPress website. Adding a little, should we say… spice to each article’s introduction to help relate basic concepts in non-technical context. And at the same time, adding a little humor to it so it doesn’t seem hard or difficult. 

Here you will find articles that cover all basics of WordPress. To help you navigate through them all, we’ve compartmented each area of WordPress into organized categories of basics. This way you can locate a specific area you would like to learn or that you need help with and learn how to manage that part of your website by reading a few simple articles. 

Basic by basic we teach you how to login, how to change your password, how to edit your website’s pages, how to manage user accounts, how to write or edit blog posts and many other important and easy to learn things that you’ll need in order to manage your WordPress website. 

While we promise these online articles will help increase you knowledge and understanding of WordPress, we don’t promise they won’t make you hungry. 

Let’s get started!

Click here to see a listing of our main categories. Choose the one you want or read them in the order that they appear and watch your WordPress skills grow. All in a way that is simple to understand thanks to the website chef.